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What is braid?

“Industrial design is the quintessential of technology shaped in a finite form”
Soro Yanga (Japan 1960)

Just a few decades  ago, a popular home appliances were designed solely for their pure usefulness.  A refined industrial design was an elite niche and was available only to the few.

Technology development and growth of consumption and affluence of Western societies caused that industrial design has become a part of the mainstream.

In this way, manufacturers of lighting and other home appliances have discovered the braid as a perfect technology, that uniquely combines design and utility. Braided cables have become an inseparable component of equipment, for which the market requires not only efficient insulation, but also a spectacular frame.

Consumers can appreciate the quality of braided products, seeing in them not only equipment but also decorative element of their homes and offices. The Oplot company supplies decorative braids made ​​of modern polyester fibers  - tough and resistant to abrasion. These are the products of the highest standard and quality.

Because of wide range of colors, different thicknesses of fiber and unique designs (including individual orders) our products are the choice of individual customers and market leaders (industry and wholesalers).

See sample designs of our braids!